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I’m tired of seeing depressed skaters. I know it’s something you can’t help feeling and it’s not going to magically fix itself. But you know what kept me from going insane and falling back into my low of bipolar? Longboarding.
It was my solis, I felt like my life was going nowhere and I ruined everything I touched. The only thing I was good at was failing, and that included skating. One thing that made me feel better was the feeling of letting go of fear, of the wind in my face and feeling like I owned the road when I was flying down a hill. I spent every single day skating at least for an hour. I thought that if I could ride for at least a little bit, I could get rid of the sadness creeping up inside. I was right. Eventually I got better and better at something I once sucked at and it made me realize I can apply how I learned to skate to anything. That brave, I’m gonna do it until I fail, and then get back up and do it some more, attitude can get you anywhere in life.

That’s why I hate to see depressed skaters.


You know your day is going to be good when you look out of your rear view mirror and see this


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Cabin at Lake Tahoe, California | Rob Antill


Omg. I’m dead. And so is that cat.